Winston Churchill Leadership

What is Winston Churchill Leadership? When Britain stood alone in May 1940 the greatest Englishman of the 20th century took up the leadership of his country. This site seeks to define Winston Churchill's leadership. We shall explore his leadership principles as well as the man himself, his hobbies (painting and cigars), those famous Churchill speeches, his enormous wit and a collection of the best Churchill quotes.

The debt owed by the Free World to Sir Winston Churchill remains immeasurable. His legacy is all around us. His ideas, words and deeds are frequently referred to in our news media. But how relevant are the Winston Churchill Leadership principles in the 21st century? What are the new leaders and managers of today being taught and what are the lessons from history?

I'm Ian Chamberlain, a Leadership, Management and Sales training Consultant. My day job brings me into contact with corporate leaders, managers and aspiring leaders from some of the worlds finest multinational companies. It is frequently my task to develop the leadership skills of their young ambitious middle managers. Understandably my clients want the latest, cutting edge skills to keep them ahead of their competitors. I provide just that and some of the pages on this site look at current leadership thinking.

Outside of work I am a Churchill nut. I'm passionate about this period of history and fascinated by this huge-hearted, rather conceited, massively inspiring and wonderfully talented Statesman. More and more I find myself weaving Churchillian leadership quotes and stories into my training sessions - as well as developing a rather convincing Churchill impersonation!

Whether you are a student, a manager, an aspiring leader, a leader yourself or whether you are just plain curious about the Winston Churchill Leadership principles, the great man or the new science of leadership I invite you to click around this site, enjoy yourself and maybe we shall meet one day at a Winston Churchill Leadership Experience event.

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The leadership traits of Winston Churchill contrasted with modern leadership definitions.

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